What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. SEO is the process to drive organic and free traffic towards your website from search engine.

Search engine optimization is a main part of digital marketing process, which plays a major role for the ranking of your website on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

85% users on the internet search for a product or services they want instead of visiting directly to a particular website. When a visitor search for something on search engine, there can be thousands of websites who provide the products or services user want. 90% users opens the websites that are showing on the first page on search engine result page.

First page results on serp (search engine result page) builds trust of websites for users and improves users experience. If your website is not showing on first page of search engine, then its very minimal chances to drive organic traffic towards your website.

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SEO is the most important factor to get more and much more website visitors that help in increasing of website traffic. Good seo helps your website to rank in search engine result page.

Search engine optimization is a term, if a user search for something and your website provides user desired services and products then seo helps to drive that visitor to your website.

If there is two or more websites that provide same type of products or services, then there will be competition to shown their websites in top of search engine results, only the good seo can help you to beat your competitors.

So as a result, we can say that is seo should be the main part of your marketing strategy.

How Seo Works

Major search engines like google, yahoo, bing have their respective algorithms to show the websites in top of search results while searching for a keyword.

Search engines have crawlers that gather all the information about a particular website (like metadata) and store in their database. When a users search for a keyword search engines algorithms looks into their database and shows the most relevant results on the top of serp.

Techniques of seo

  1. White hat seo

The technique white hat seo refers, that completely follows search engine algorithms guidelines, techniques and human oriented optimization strategies. White hat seo is also called ethical seo, that gives an long-term establishment to a website in search engine results.

  1. Black hat seo

Black hat seo techniques is that do not follow search engine guidelines. In black hat seo a person just focus on to manipulate search engine. Black hat seo can be caused for banned your website for search engines. These techniques used to get quick results, but not last long for long-term.

Components of seo

  1. On-page seo

On page seo is related to the optimization of your website’s data. Data can be metadata of your website, title, content, heading tags, internal linking, image alt text, Favicon and many more thing. On page optimization is a very important aspect for websites each page individually, because every page of website has different content for users.

Most important on page seo factors are :

  • Seo friendly url structure
  • There should be XML and html sitemap in website
  • There should be robots.txt file in website
  • Optimized Metadata like Title, Meta description, meta keywords
  • Optimized used of Heading tags
  • Unique content on website
  • Proper image optimization (use of alt text, image name, image size)
  • Fast site loading speed
  • Website should be mobile optimized
  • External and internal links

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  1. Off-page seo

Off page seo is used to boost your ranking on search engines. After completing the on page optimization off page seo takes place. Main difference between off page and on page is, in on page we take actions in our own site, whereas In off page seo we do efforts outside our own website. Off page seo also refers as an off site seo.

Most important off page seo factors

  • Link building
  • Social medial marketing
  • Brand reputation
  • RSS feed submission
  • Guest posting
  • Forum submission

Off page seo helps to drive the organic traffic from popular sites that already getting huge traffic and have high domain and page authority. If you have a backlink of your website on popular websites that increase the importance of your website in eyes of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. That helps to increase ranking of your website.

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